Sylvie is a recognized specialist in tax and compensation practices in the broadest sense and is responsible for the Compensation & Benefits practice at Claeys & Engels. She advises national and international clients on their remuneration policies (total reward, flexible remuneration plans, incentive plans, benefits in kind, social benefits, costs proper to the employer, pensions, exemption from payment of withholding tax, etc.). Sylvie collaborates with companies both from a strategic point of view and in a complete practical implementation of their Compensation & Benefits policies, thanks to all the branches of law related to Human Resources represented at Claeys & Engels.

Sylvie also has extensive experience in the field of international mobility (salary-splits, secondments, transfers, short-term business trips, multi-state employment, specific tax regimes). She assists clients in the management of their expatriation policies and ensures with them that the fiscal and parafiscal consequences of their mobility programmes are in compliance with the law (individual tax returns, payrolls, …).

Sylvie holds a master’s degree in Commercial and Financial Sciences (ICHEC Brussels Management School) and completed her tax education at the VLEKHO Business School. She is also a certified tax consultant with the ITAA.

She started her career in 1997 at PwC, where she specialised in all aspects of Human Resources taxation for companies.

As a regular speaker at internal and external seminars, she also regularly publishes articles on tax matters in various newspapers. She is the author of « La mobilité internationale – principes et aspects pratiques » (Editions Larcier) and is a co-author of "L'impôt des Personnes Physiques" (Précis de la Faculté de Droit de l'Université catholique de Louvain).

She also teaches taxation at the École Supérieure des Sciences Fiscales (ICHEC Brussels Management School) and at the Solvay Business School.