• Our assistants work as a team, and in close collaboration with our lawyers.
  • The different departments meet regularly.
  • The department managers meet on a monthly basis to discuss the coordination of the various projects.
  • A bonus system is in place to reward the achievement of collective objectives by the team.


To optimise the integration of our new administrative employees and properly support our staff members, we offer the following:

  • assignment of a coach to each new employee. This coach can be consulted for all work-related questions and problems;
  • in-house training by colleagues;
  • external training (subject to individual needs as defined during evaluation meetings);
  • e-learning.

Involvement in the organisation of the office

A pilot project was launched in 2010 to revise the evaluation procedure for administrative staff members. The aim was to involve the individuals concerned more closely in the process, and give them more responsibility for their own development.

In the context of this project, with the help of the lawyers and assistants, the key competencies for our assistants were established and described.

Brainstorming sessions were held in 2011 for all lawyers and administrative staff members around five topics intended to serve as inspiration for new ideas.

Again this year, we will be appealing to the creativity, inspiration and motivation of our administrative team to transform ideas into action.