Flexibility to meet your needs

We offer a personalized service in view of what our clients want. This can be a memo with legal references, a short confirmation by e-mail or a second opinion via phone.

With a large team of specialized HR lawyers in six different offices across Belgium, we are where you need us to be. And as a founding member of Ius Laboris, we offer HR law services for cross-border legal issues in all major jurisdictions.

Out-of-the box thinkers

Teamwork and creativity are in our DNA. When confronted with complex problems or new challenges, our lawyers work in collaboration with their colleagues to come up with inventive solutions together.

By working in partnership and opening up our minds, we accomplish more. This mindset has led us to be the first to obtain court injunctions in case of strike. Further it has made us pioneers in the development and implementation of the Claeys formula. Our dismissal indemnity calculation tools are still the reference used today.

Taking a stand(point)

Working with Claeys & Engels means that you receive a real answer to your question, not a summary of the law or an overview of legal opinions. Our approach is pragmatic: if what you need is a short memo with advice that is to the point, then that is what we will provide you with. If you wish to keep your options open, we can brainstorm with you on strenghts and weaknesses for different scenarios.

Sometimes the right advice is not what you hope to hear. But looking out for your best interest is our priority and that means that rather than focusing on the good news, we focus on giving you the right advice.

Be assured

Although we do not actively participate in awards or  "best law firm" contests, we have the industry accolades illustrating our expertise. The latter is also illustrated by our consistent high rankings in Legal 500, Chambers, Who's Who, etc. Nonetheless it's the results with our clients that best illustrate why Claeys & Engels is the Belgian reference for a full approach towards HR law. Combining a large client database with the shared experiences of over 80 lawyers, we can offer you an unbeatable source of knowledge, experience and best practice in HR in broad range of industries.

We are at your side in difficult negotiations and litigation. HR law is what we do and what we know best. We put all of our knowledge and experience at your service to achieve real results.

Improving every day

Experience is important, but not sufficient. We continue to invest in knowledge development and in our management systems. We improve our own education on a daily basis. We share the insights that we gather along the way with our clients through a range of opportunities including high level seminars to short updates and telephone conferences.

We confidently look towards the future of our HR law practice. Managing people and workforces is critical for the success of businesses in the global economy. At the same time, HR law is increasingly complex. With our collective specialised knowledge, we can contribute to the success of your business.