Our mission

Our mission is to provide employers in the private and public sector at regional, national and international level pragmatic, fast and efficient legal services related to Human Resources Management and Human Capital, with an experienced team of specialised attorneys and other legal experts, creating in-depth external client partnerships.

In doing so, Claeys & Engels offers its people a stimulating and inclusive learning and growth environment, respecting each other's talents, diversity and complementarity.

What we do

As lawyers, we offer a full range of legal services in all areas concerning Human Resources Management.

Our clients are mostly national and international companies. They come to us for legal advice, for litigation support, for assistance with negotiations with contract partners, with trade unions, with social security authorities, with tax and health & safety authorities, for compliance issues etc.

On a daily basis our lawyers resolve problems and issue legal advice on a diverse range of HR-related issues such as:

- individual employment relations - social criminal law
- data protection issues (GDPR) - corporate law aspects related to Human Resources Management (e.g. management agreements, remuneration policy, etc.)
- compensation and benefits - discrimination in labour relations and pension issues
- occupational pensions - harassment at work
- assistance with the setting up and operation of a pension fund - tax advice regarding compensation and benefits, and occupational pensions
- social media in the workplace - salary splits
- collective employment relations - individual and collective dismissals- 
- immigration - company restructuring and closure
- health and safety - etc.
- inspections by the Social Inspection service, the Tax authorities, etc.  

What we offer you

Firstclass training

Claeys & Engels provides you with the opportunity to become a top-notch lawyer

You have (almost) finished university, but perhaps you have the feeling that you lack the right background to become an employment law specialist. Or perhaps you are currently specialising in employment law but are wondering how to put theory into practice.

Don't panic!

At Claeys & Engels, you will receive all the training you need to succeed in your career. You will start with three-week courses focused on the practical aspects, given by our own lawyers.

Afterwards you will get the opportunity to

  • attend our frequent legal and soft skills courses (e.g. presentation, negotiation and networking skills);
  • participate in expertise groups of your choice dedicated to the in-depth study of various fields of employment law;
  • take part in our monthly office meeting, at which hot topics are discussed.

Most importantly, you will learn from working closely together with some of the most respected employment law experts. At Claeys & Engels, we have developed a culture where lawyers of all levels continually discuss their cases with each other to the greater benefit of everyone and especially our clients.

What we offer you

Career counselling


We know how important it is, especially at the beginning of your traineeship, to benefit from the counselling of more experienced lawyers. At Claeys & Engels, you can rely on a coach (a senior associate), as well as a godfather or godmother (a trainee), who will help you if you have questions or if you have to make career choices.

Diversified work

Discover all practice areas of employment law

Our trainees immediately work on files in all practice areas of employment law. Drafting day-to-day advice, reviewing employment contracts, litigation and drafting a legal brief are examples of the tasks that will be assigned to you from the beginning. You will deal with cases where you can make a difference for our clients. Besides, at Claeys & Engels, our lawyers are encouraged from their first year to collaborate on publications, to speak in public during our internal training sessions first and then at external seminars.

What we offer you

Worklife balance

Choose the flexibility that suits you

Another important factor which we believe clearly distinguishes us from other law firms is the importance that we attach to our worklife balance. We have developed a real flexibility policy giving us, and you, the opportunity to:

  • organise your own working day
  • work from home with access to our computer network
  • organise your holidays at your convenience
  • work from our various offices in Belgium
  • develop your career at your own pace, and
  • choose the career evolution that is in line with your personal choices among our different career paths (trainee, associate, senior associate, counsel and partner).


Benefit from attractive fees and many other benefits

Our lawyers receive attractive compensation and a number of competitive benefits, some of which are highlighted below. Indeed, working at Claeys & Engels offers you:

  • competitive monthly fees at every stage in your career
  • a bonus, for which you will become eligible after your traineeship
  • a mobile phone subscription (50 EUR / month)
  • the payment of your bar fees and bar training costs
  • a medical insurance for you and your family
  • guaranteed income, in line with our policies, during illness and maternity leave
  • a pleasant working environment with all the facilities you require: laptop, IT-support, support of an assistant, library, meeting rooms, etc.
  • the possibility, after your traineeship, to train abroad in the framework of the Ius Laboris Academy or to benefit from a traineeship in one of the offices of a member firm of the Ius Laboris alliance
  • many fun and social activities during the year, among your peers and with the entire firm, for which Claeys & Engels has a strong and excellent reputation
  • other convenient benefits such as discounts at suppliers such as Proximus or Microsoft, discounts at the trendy Café Costume boutiques or to buy a premium brand car.
Find a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.