Working at Claeys & Engels

Some 50 administrative staff including 28 assistants presently work at Claeys & Engels. Other staff members work in the IT, HR, Finance, Marketing and Knowledge Management departments.

Teamwork is what we focus on at Claeys & Engels. We can only deliver pragmatic and prompt advice to our clients when each staff member plays his or her part. Hence, there are ongoing consultations with colleagues and lawyers.

When starting work at our office, we ensure our new colleagues receive a warm reception and practical training. To allow each individual to develop their competencies, we have a training plan – updated regularly – that makes it possible for everyone to follow training according to his/her needs.

We use the most efficient software, running on a high-performance computer infrastructure, to manage client dossiers. Our internal IT department and a third party IT partner handle the IT support.

Project groups are set up around issues that affect the organisation and efficiency of our work. Administrative staff members can participate in these groups, and thus have their voices heard in the practical organisation of the office.

Salary & benefits

As an office specialising in the legal aspects of Human Resources, we of course know everything there is to know about employee benefits.

Hence, in addition to an attractive fixed salary, we have also designed a creative benefit package that we offer to all of our administrative staff members:

  • mobile phone and subscription;
  • company car;
  • supplementary pension;
  • supplementary hospitalisation insurance;
  • net bonus scheme in which a net bonus is paid out when specific office objectives are reached;
  • luncheon vouchers;
  • the possibility to receive an individual bonus in function of personal performance.

Claeys & Engels outside the office

Claeys & Engels attaches great importance to maintaining a positive work climate, and we regularly organise recreational and sporting activities that allow us to meet with each other outside the office.

  • sporting and family days;
  • a monthly meal together for all lawyers and administrative staff;
  • staff events exclusively for our administrative staff members;
  • St. Nicholas pays his annual visit with a gift for the children of our lawyers and staff members;
  • each December, our younger lawyers organise a review of typically humorous situations that took place during the past year;
  • special events such as a trip to Portugal with the entire firm to celebrate our firm's twentieth-year anniversary.