Well-being at work

21 Nov 2012

<p>Publication of the general basic requirements that all workplaces must meet.</p>

A Royal Decree establishing the general basic requirement that workplaces must meet has just been published in the Belgian Official Gazette. This Royal Decree coordinates the old provisions of the GRIS (General Regulations on Industrial Safety) and the Act on the well-being of workers and, at the same time, partially transposes an EU Directive dating from 30 November 1989. This Royal Decree fits into the "Code of well-being at work". It is a general regulation, applying, with very few exceptions, to all workplaces. It refers firstly to workplaces located in buildings, but also to outdoor workplaces.

The Royal Decree recalls the general requirements which must be taken into consideration in the furnishing of the workplaces, and contains specific provisions relating to the lighting, the ventilation and the temperature of the workplaces. In addition, it contains (in particular in its annex 1) various measures relating to social facilities (changing rooms, sanitary facilities, canteens, rest rooms, premises for pregnant and nursing workers, etc.). A specific section is devoted to drinks that the employer must make available to workers, as well as work and rest seats.

> Action point

We recommend employers to contact their internal and/or external service for prevention and protection at work in order to determine if specific measures must be taken regarding workplaces in the company.