New amounts of remuneration for white-collar workers

19 Nov 2010

As every year, the Federal Public Service Employment has adapted the amounts of remuneration to be taken into consideration for the application of certain provisions of the employment contract for white-collar workers

From 1 January 2011 the following amounts will be taken into account:


Basis amounts

Amounts 2010

Amounts applicable as from 1 January 2011

16.100 EUR

30.327 EUR

30.535 EUR

19.300 EUR

36.355 EUR

36.604 EUR

32.200 EUR

60.654 EUR

61.071 EUR


Those amounts serve as basis of calculations for the duration of the trial period, the notice period and the counternotice. The right for the white-collar workers to paid leave from their work to find a new job is also determined on that basis.

Besides those provisions, those amounts will also allow you to ensure the validity of a non-compete clause and a schooling clause.