Compensation & Benefits Guide

25 Oct 2017

As you will know, “Compensation & Benefits” is a topic that is changing fast and raises new challenges for our specialists every day.

Claeys & Engels, in collaboration with HR Magazine/RH Magazine, has published a Compensation & Benefits guide (available in Dutch and French) that examines a number of benefits which we deal with on a daily basis. We also briefly discuss their tax and social security treatment. In addition, you will find some practical tips.

You can download a free electronic copy of the Compensation & Benefits Guide from the links below.

This guide is not exhaustive (e.g., it does not discuss profit bonuses or “cash for car” that will enter into effect on 1 January 2018), but we do hope that it will help you solve daily issues. Perhaps it can help you come up with ideas to optimise your salary package within your company.

We hope you enjoy the read and of course we are available if you have any queries.

Dutch version

French version