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Stephanie Raets

Stephanie Raets


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Stephanie completed her law studies magna cum laude in 2006 and subsequently started her career as a lawyer at Claeys & Engels. Here she specialized in labour and employment law, advising clients on all possible legal issues directly or indirectly related to the employment relationship. She also regularly uses her characteristic driven approach and strong case knowledge to defend the interests of clients in court.

In 2014 she attained the level of senior associate. She developed expertise in the field of discrimination and psychosocial risks at work and took a leading role in the field of privacy in the workplace. In doing so, Stephanie also deepened her expertise in the application of the GDPR on the work floor. After additional studies in 2016 at the Data Protection Institute, she also carries the title of Certified Data Protection Officer.

Since the autumn of 2018, she combines her role at Claeys & Engels with the function of Chair of the Data Privacy Expert Group within the international alliance Ius Laboris. In this role, Stephanie is committed to coordinating a broad knowledge about data privacy within a group of more than 120 specialized lawyers.

Throughout her career, she has written numerous publications and has become a much-requested speaker at national and international seminars.

In 2019, Stephanie attained the level of counsel at Claeys & Engels. In doing so, she will combine the above activities with an active role within the management of the firm.

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