Your Social Elections day to day support

15 Nov 2011

<p>Claeys & Engels provides you the opportunity to have a clear overview in your agenda or e-mail of the different procedural steps corresponding to the exact date of the social elections in your company.</p><p>


In order to assist you in preparing the extensive election procedure and to help you avoid overlooking any step, we developed the free 'Social Elections Day to Day Support' tool for our clients.


After just a short registration, several possibilities are offered to you:

  • You can consult an online version of the election calendar corresponding to your particular election date.
  • You can download this calendar and integrate it in your personal calendar.
  • You can subscribe to an e-mail system which will send you a reminder one week before each step of the procedure.

We sincerely hope that this tool can offer you the necessary help and we invite you to take a look at this tool by clicking on this link .