Claeys & Engels presents its VerkiezingsWijzer/Guide Pratique Elections Sociales that provides a response to all your questions

11 Sep 2015

The next social elections will take place between 9 and 22 May 2016. Whether or not these are your company’s first elections, you will know that they require very thorough preparation.


Claeys & Engels, in collaboration with HR Magazine/RH Magazine, have published a detailed guide (available in Dutch or French) that provides a detailed overview of all the steps you need to follow. Subscribers to HR Magazine/RH Magazine will receive it with the September issue.

We wanted to share this information with our clients.  As of today, you can download the free electronic version of the VerkiezingsWijzer/Guide Pratique Elections Sociales: French / Dutch version.

On our website you can also set a calendar for your business and fully integrate it into your electronic calendar.

We hope you enjoy the read!


Action Point
Download your copy of the VerkiezingsWijzer/Guide Pratique Elections Sociales today on our website ( French / Dutch version).