Value of luncheon vouchers increased and the “CBA 90” bonus limited

02 Jul 2015

As of 1 January 2016, the maximum nominal value of a luncheon voucher will be increased from 7 to 8 EUR. The maximum employer contribution will be set at 6.91 EUR per voucher.

The maximum amount of the bonus granted in the framework of non-recurrent result-related benefits will also increase as of 1 January 2016 from 3,100 EUR to 3,169 EUR.

If these amounts are complied with, there is an exemption from social security contributions.

 Luncheon vouchers are not subject to social security contributions (or taxes) if they comply with certain conditions. One of these conditions is a maximum employer contribution per luncheon voucher.

The collective result-related bonus is also exempt from regular social security contributions (and taxes) within the limits established by the legislation and indexed yearly.

In two royal decrees of 26 May 2015, the government decided that in the framework of the evolution of the salary costs, the following amounts will be increased as of 1 January 2016:

On the one hand, the maximum employer contribution for luncheon vouchers, increases from 5.91 EUR to 6.91 EUR. The employee's contribution remains at least 1.09 EUR, so that the maximum nominal value of a luncheon voucher will be increased to 8 EUR.

In order to benefit from this increase, the employer has to modify the existing agreements (collective or individual) in the company concerning luncheon vouchers. Considering the margin for remuneration costs, it is recommended to verify in advance if this increase is still possible taking into account the wage increases already provided in the sectoral employment agreement for 2016.

On the other hand, the social security ceiling for non-recurring result-related benefits will be 3,169 EUR (not indexed) instead of 3,100 EUR.

New granting plans will have to take into account the new maximum exempt amount of 3,169 EUR in 2016 with regard to social security. The fiscal limit will be changed next.


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As of 1 January 2016, as an employer you are allowed to grant luncheon vouchers with a value of 8 EUR (after modifying the existing agreements) as well as a collective result-related bonus within the limits of the social security threshold of 3,169 EUR (this amount still needs to be indexed).