Declaration IPP’s has been postponed

22 Dec 2014

The deadline for the declaration of individual pension promises to SIGEDIS (DB2P) has been postponed until 30 June 2015.


As announced in our previous newsflash of 28 November 2014, companies have to declare or have declared the individual pension promises for employees or self-employed directors to DB2P, if these promises have not yet been outsourced to an external pension provider.

The deadline for the declaration for internal individual pension promises, foreseen on 31 December 2014, will be exceptionally and only once postponed, until 30 June 2015.

SIGEDIS will soon publish an updated version of the declaration instructions for these internal promises. There are a number of FAQ's incorporated in this version, so that employers and companies should easily find an answer to their questions about the declaration. There will be an update soon of the documents 'DB2P for employers: substantive documents' and 'DB2P for companies: substantive documents'.


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If you have internal individual promises, make sure that the declaration is made on time!