Soon it will be required to register the attendance at temporary and mobile construction sites

28 Feb 2014

<p>Starting on 1 April 2014 the registration of attendance for persons who execute construction works on temporary and mobile construction sites of a certain scale will be mandatory</p>

In the Belgian Official Gazette of 21 February 2014 a Royal Decree was published which regulates certain modalities for the attendance register on temporary and mobile construction sites.

This mandatory attendance registration is contained within the Welfare Act and stipulates that, starting on 1 April 2014, all persons who are present on a temporary and mobile construction site to execute construction works must be registered. This obligation is limited to construction sites where works are executed for a total amount of at least 800,000 EUR (excl. VAT).

In view of the attendance registration the site management or the chief contractor which is tasked with the execution of the construction work must put a registry system at the disposal of the subcontractors. This will consist of a registration device which is connected online to a database of the FPS Social Security or of an electronic application which makes a prior registration possible.

In practice all persons working on the construction site (employees or self-employed workers) will need to register by means of, for example, their electronic identity card, electronic residence card or Limosa-certificate. In this way the identification data of the persons present will be registered, including their capacity (e.g. employees or self-employed), the address and the location of the construction site, etc.

Every contractor and every subcontractor active on the construction site must make sure that the persons who execute activities on their behalf are registered before entering the construction site. This registration must occur daily.

> Action point

Verify whether the construction site falls under the mandatory attendance registration obligation.

Discuss with your (sub)contractors how the obligation will be met.

Make sure that every employee (and self-employed person) active on the construction site is registered daily.