Social Elections 2012 - Publication of the modified Acts!

12 Sep 2011

<p>Today's Belgian Official Journal contains the two Acts implementing a number of modifications to the Act concerning the social elections procedure and to the Act regulating the court procedures in the event of disputes.</p>

We refer to our Newsletter of 15 July 2011 for an overview of those modifications.

Since our Newsletter was distributed, the Federal Public Service of Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue has made available on its website the different templates to be used during the election procedure. You can download them for free and you can also consult a coordinated version of the social elections Acts at 'social dialogue' social elections 2012 (only in Dutch and French).

The above shows that the countdown to the 'lift-off' date X-60 has now really started"! Our social elections team is ready and at your service for any queries.