Newsletter: 2018 – the year in preview

25 Jan 2018

In no way could 2017 be described as a quiet year. The government has not been sitting on its hands during recent months. A lot of ink has flowed describing the numerous changes that have been widely distributed via all possible channels. From super minister councils, over a summer agreement that became a Saint Nicholas agreement to finally become a winter agreement. All this has dominated topical discussions about HR. Some of the announced measures have not yet seen the light of day and are still in an embryonic phase at the parliament. We will inform you about the state of affairs as they progress.

Seeing the proverbial forest through the trees has been anything but easy: this past year for example, the Belgian State Gazette published 117,002 pages. A record.

On our more condensed pages, we present a brief overview of what this will bring. So, put your feet up and quietly read this at home as you enjoy your “me‑time” during “de-connection time”.

We wish you a good read!


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