The Code on the well-being of workers is published

07 Jun 2017

The Code on well-being of workers, which coordinates the various texts concerning well-being in the workplace by grouping them in a single instrument, was published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 2 June 2017 and will enter into force on 12 June 2017. This will make it easier to find specific regulations concerning well-being of workers. It is useful to inform all the stakeholders, who play a role in the company policies on well-being of workers  of this recent publication.

The Code on well-being of workers brings together all the relevant regulatory provisions concerning well-being of workers, which have their legal base in the Act of 4 August 1996.

Book I of the Code presents the general principles of the legislation on well-being of workers. Book II concerns the organisational structures and social dialogue. Books III to IX deal with a range of themes concerning well-being of the workers: the workplaces,  work equipment, exposure to physical, chemical and biological agents, ergonomics, collective and individual protective equipment. Book X focuses on specific categories of workers, such as young persons, pregnant workers, and temporary workers.

The Code does not change the content of the existing texts, nor the employer’s obligations. The existing texts have been slightly changed only in order to simplify the texts and improve their readability. Furthermore, the terminology has been standardised and certain concepts more clearly defined (e.g., concepts concerning risk analysis and the definition of persons involved in the prevention policy).