Legal interest rate for 2018 remains 2%

15 Jan 2018

The legal interest rate for 2018 remains 2%.

In matters involving the National Office for Social Security (NOSS) the rate remains 7% for now. In fiscal matters however, the interest rate depends on whether it concerns interest on arrears (late-payment) or moratorium interest. The interest rate on arrears (late-payment) is 4% and the moratorium interest rate is 2%.

The legal interest rate is revised on an annual basis according to a rule decided by law.

Since 1970, the legal interest rate evolved as follows:

Wettelijke intrestvoet 2018 EN.PNG













Whoever forgets or neglects to pay an employee’s wages which he/she is entitled to or does not immediately pay the severance indemnity after a dismissal, will be sentenced to pay that amount, plus interest charges calculated at the above rate. These interest charges must be calculated based on the gross amounts from the time when they were due.

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For the year 2018 you have to take into account a legal interest rate of 2%.