The index jump... and the mystery of the salary increase

19 Nov 2015

The end of the year is coming and it is now time for most of you to prepare the budgets for the coming year. In order to determine the wage bill, you will perhaps have to take into account the consequences of a salary increase after an indexation, despite the index jump.

If your company falls under a joint committee in which the index jump mechanism is based on a fixed date, and not on when the key index is exceeded, it is possible - and in most cases, certain - that there will be a partial salary increase, despite the index jump. 

Indeed, after the government “froze” the so-called “smooth health index”, the applicable industry-specific documents were not amended accordingly. Hence, in certain sectors, there could be a limited indexation on the basis of the smooth health index, which equals 100.66 points.

> Action point
Check carefully if the indexation mechanism applicable in the joint committee your enterprise falls under could lead to a salary increase.