Coronavirus : Top tips for international employers

16 Mar 2020

Our international alliance Ius Laboris has listed some top tips for international employers on how to deal with the coronavirus measures.

Below is the link to the guide: “Coronavirus: top tips for international employers” with contributions from 53 countries worldwide.

The coronavirus is spreading fast, so we look at the steps you can take to keep your employees safe, whilst making sure your business continues to thrive. We guide you through the whole range of issues you may face as an employer - from enabling employees to work from home, steps to ensure they are protected as far as possible, what happens if an employee falls ill - to what your travel policy should be.

You can find the guide “Coronavirus: top tips for international employers” via this link .

In addition, on the Ius Laboris website you will find a Coronavirus dashboard with all kinds of articles and updates that the various Ius Laboris law firms have written about the impact of the Coronavirus for employers.