Collective result-based advantages (CBA 90) - Maximum 3,130 EUR in 2015

10 Dec 2014

For bonus plans which lead to payments in 2015, the exempted amount remains similar to last year, namely 3,130 EUR (social security limit) and 2,721 EUR (tax limit).


The bonus paid in the framework of a plan to award "non-recurring result-based advantages", is, within yearly indexed limits, exempted from all taxes or ordinary social security contributions.

The maximum amount, which is linked to the health index, will be set at 3,130 EUR for 2015.

Since 1 January 2013 there is, however, a personal solidarity contribution of 13.07% due, apart from the special employer's contribution of 33%. This personal contribution must be deducted from the amount of the bonus.

Hence, the maximum amount which is exempted from taxes in 2015 is 2,721 EUR, being 3,130 EUR minus the personal social security contributions of 13.07%.

Should the employee receive more than 3,130 EUR in 2015, the amount of the bonus which exceeds the limit of 3,130 EUR will be subject to the ordinary social security contributions.


> Action point

When awarding result-based advantages in 2015, one needs to take into account the maximum exemption of 3,130 EUR regarding social security and of 2,721 EUR with respect to tax.