Points of attention when filing bonus plans (CBA no. 90)

27 Mar 2015

The registry of the General Direction Collective Labour Relations has published a list on the website of the FPS with points of attention with respect to completing and filing an act of accession for the introduction of non-recurring results-related benefits.


In the social agreement was provided to raise the limit of the exempt amount of the non-recurring results-related benefits (CBA 90) up to EUR 3,200. We will keep you informed on further developments in this respect.

  1. Use the standard form.
  2. Send the original of the completed form (not a copy) to the address indicated on the form or personally deposit it at the registry.
  3. Sign the act of accession and indicate name and function. A signature "on behalf of" is not allowed.
  4. Indicate the exact number of employees concerned at the moment of the drafting of the plan.
  5. Indicate the competent joint (sub)committee. Only the official numbering is accepted.
  6. Clearly, concretely and objectively describe the collective goal. Use concrete targets. Do not set individual targets.
  7. Goals with a daily, weekly or monthly character will not be approved. The reference period is at least three months.
  8. Ensure a timely deposit:
    - reference period = calendar year: deposit by 30 April;
    - reference period = quarter: deposit at the latest on the last day of the first month of the quarter.
  9. Indicate how you will inform your employees about the evolution of the results during the reference period.
  10. Describe in what objective way it is verified whether the objectives were achieved. The evaluation of the achievement of the goals should not depend on one person.
  11. Concretely describe the excluded categories of employees.
> Action Point
It can be useful to verify this checklist and if necessary adapt your bonus plan before depositing it at the registry.