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Our Complimentary Client Services

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We want to keep our clients abreast of legal developments related to human resources.


Our free update services include:


We regularly send newsflashes to clients on our mailing list. These flashes give concise information on relevant current developments with practical impact on HR and compensations and benefits (new laws, decrees, collective bargaining agreements, administrative positions, judgments etc.). On average we send about five newsflashes per month. Our flashes aim to be informative and to the point, rather than a source of legal analysis.



We send about three to four newsletters per year to give comprehensive overviews and diversified information on new laws. We also present overviews on some of our practice areas (e.g. tax, expats, pensions).



We organise about five client seminars each year on interesting current topics. The first seminar is held at the end of January, beginning of February and it covers the 10 most noteworthy judgments of the previous year.

Seminars are normally organised both in Dutch and in French in our auditorium in Brussels. Regularly, we organise seminars in other locations such as Antwerp, Li├Ęge and Ghent.



We regularly organise smaller workshops on topics that are of interest mainly for specialists, such as international employment/global mobility and pension funds.

The workshops on international employment/global mobility are organised in English.



When a new topic of immediate interest comes up, such as a draft law that is voted in Parliament, we organise one-hour telephone conferences to discuss possible developments and address questions.


Basic training

As a premium service offer, we organise four free one-day training sessions each year on the basics of our practice: basics of labour law; basics of compensation & benefits; basics of occupational pensions and pension funds and basics of international employment/global mobility. These trainings are designed particularly for clients who have not had much prior exposure to the laws that we practise. If your company should be interested in participating in such seminars, feel free to contact us.

Upon specific request and on terms and conditions to be discussed, we also provide personalized training on-site to clients.


Summer refresh

Each year we organise a free one-day seminar at the beginning and at the end of the summer with an update on a practical topic. This seminar provides a complete overview of what has been going on in that particular area in the last couple of years.